Honey, the miniature long haired dachshund was by my side for nearly 14 years. When sadly we were forced to say goodbye, the veterinarian asked a simple question, “Would you like her ashes, or a clipping of her fur?” Neither myself or my husband really knew the answer.

The thought of our beloved friend spending the rest of our lives sitting in an uninspiring wooden box didn’t feel fitting. We declined the veterinarian’s offers and left with only her blanket to remember her by.

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As a child, I found crayons and pens limited my creativity – I could never get the finish I had in my head. I had better luck with oil-pastels, but being unable to get the pictures in my head down on paper exactly how I wanted them to be left me feeling frustrated. In my teenage years I discovered Photoshop, and found great pleasure in manipulating images (mostly cars) to create beautiful pieces of art – however, I was still frustrated I couldn’t do my own drawings from scratch – but that was all about to change!

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Author of the acclaimed Ruins of Rytus epic fantasy series and mom of one, my professional writing career began at the Aston Martin Lagonda headquarters in Gaydon, UK.

Watching Coco get herself into all sorts of trouble and Honey’s calm approach to rescuing her in the family’s garden, were the inspiration that kicked off a delightful series of books.

You can find lots more information on my books for adults and grab a free copy of The Survivor at my picture books for children featuring Honey and Coco can be found at